Anesthesia Technician job vacancy in The Medical Center at Bowling Green (Bowling Green, KY)

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Company name : The Medical Center at Bowling Green
Location : Bowling Green, KY
Position : Anesthesia Technician

Description :
Position Summary

Assists Anesthesiologist and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist in preparing patient for anesthesia. Performs anesthesia assistant duties pertaining to preparation of patient for anesthesia. Provides support for the Anesthesiologist/CRNA. Provides direction and assistance to Anesthesia Assistants.

Minimum Qualifications

Work Experience

Previous anesthesia assistant experience or completion of equivalent educational program preferred.


High school graduate or equivalent preferred.


Certified Anesthesia Technician preferred.

Job Specific Performance Standards

The duties listed below are a summary of the major essential functions of this position. The position may require other duties, both major and minor, that are not mentioned, and specific functions may change from time to time.

Provides direction and assistance to Anesthesia Assistant I and Anesthesia Assistant II related to completion of work and work assignments within established policies and procedures of Med Center Health.
Assists Anesthesia with induction by providing necessary airway adjuncts to Anesthetist or Anesthesiologist by providing clycoid pressure.
Transfers and positions patient from stretcher to O.R. table.
Transports patients from other departments while anesthesia is involved. (ie: sedated patient from radiology to PACU or MRI to PACU.
Assists Anesthesiologist in procedures such as epidurals, arterial lines, and central lines in other areas as well as surgery. Other areas include MRI, X-ray, Endoscopy, Labor and Delivery.
Prepares IV’s, arterial lines, block, and central line set-ups for patient needs. Obtains IV access to upper extremity.
Obtains medications and supplies for the anesthesiologist and/or nurse anesthetist.
Prepares for open-heart cases, which routinely include set up of infusions, invasive monitoring sets, various trays, equipment, and blood sets.
Responds during the conduct of cases for emergency anesthesia supply and equipment requests.
Maintains proper stock levels of supplies, by ordering from hospital distribution bi-weekly or placing special orders for items needed. Stores anesthesia supplies and equipment in appropriate areas.
Checks cabinets and other areas containing sterile supplies for expiration dates or compromised packaging. Removes items as needed and processes them in appropriate manner.
Maintains anesthesia specialty carts for emergency situations. Checks for appropriate supplies and drugs. Cleans and stocks anesthesia machines and carts in areas that they are located, making sure they are in proper order.
Cleans anesthesia area in surgery rooms between cases and at end of each day to make sure breathing, circuits are changed, trash is removed, and proper equipment is ready for next case, if known. Removes special and reusable material after cases and is responsible for cleaning in accordance with policy and procedure.
Cleans laryngoscope blades and processes them in Steris Sterilizer for proper sterilization. Checks for proper operation of laryngoscope handle and blades.
Removes sharps disposal unit as needed, in appropriate manner.
Keeps work area clean, neat, and organized, to ensure proper work environment.
Participates in unit meetings, in-services, educational classes, committees as assigned, and orientation of new employees.

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