Assistant Front End Manager job vacancy in Homeland Stores (Perry, OK 73077)

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Company name : Homeland Stores
Location : Perry, OK 73077
Position : Assistant Front End Manager

Description :
PURPOSE STATEMENT: To manage the front-end to achieve maximum sales and profit, and to ensure quick, efficient customer service, while minimizing labor costs.


To greet/supervise the greeting of customers, response to customer questions/requests/complaints and explaining of store policies in a courteous manner.
To initiate and/or make recommendations regarding the hiring, discipline, promotion and evaluation of all front-end personnel. To orient/train all new front-end associates and retrain when necessary.
To develop with approval of the store manager a weekly labor schedule for all front-end employees.
To greet/supervise the greeting of customers, response to customer questions/requests/complaints and explaining of store policies in a courteous manner.
To monitor front-end service and call for additional front-end help and/or open express lanes when necessary.
To get change for cashiers and to approve checks, as well as refunds and voids.
To supervise/perform checkout and proper bagging of customer purchases, including movement of bagged purchases from store to customer car.
To supervise/perform: 1) return of “go backs” to their location in the case/shelf; 2) refill of bag-stand areas; 3) collection of carts from parking lot.
To ensure that store opening and closing accounting procedures are followed.
To ensure that: 1) front-end personnel are aware of new produce items, policies, procedures, rules, etc.; 2) pricing coordinator is notified of all not-in-files and price discrepancies; 3) change drawers are always locked and replenished when needed.
To prevent loss of money and merchandise by insuring that cashiers remove items from the bottom of the cart, handle products carefully and complete price-checks on not-on-file items. To correctly identify produce, accurately count money, and use store procedures for the acceptance of coupons, EBT, credit/debit cards, charge sales and checks.
To monitor cashier: 1) accuracy, speed and productivity; 2) over & shorts; 3) courtesy and friendliness; 4) adherence to dress code.
To assure the safety of self, customers and co-workers by understanding and practicing store safety rules and notifying a store manager of any potential hazard immediately.
To perform miscellaneous tasks assigned by the store manager, substituting for absent workers and performing any additional tasks necessary to provide products and services to customers.


Able to give/receive complex verbal instructions/descriptions to/from supervisors/co-workers/employees concerning store/department policy/procedures and use of equipment.
A stable work and educational history.
Basic mathematical ability (add, subtract, multiply, divide). Able to count and verify customer change, checks, WIC, size/count, and coupons.
Able to bag customer purchases so that product will stack without damage (spatial relationship).
The ability to read and write English; able to perceive instructions, merchandise labels, warehouse order codes, numbers, reports, printed paper and forms.
Make judgments concerning employee scheduling, order of product/supplies, hiring/supervision of employees, merchandising plans, operational policies and procedures and the sales/promotion of merchandise.
Good interpersonal communications; models teamwork and STAR Customer Service


High school diploma or equivalent.
Prior cashier experience.
Prior supervisory experience.

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