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Company name : Constellation Culinary Group | Elior North America
Location : Philadelphia, PA 19103
Position : General Manager – Dining Events

Description :
The General Manager is responsible for developing and operating a cost-effective operation that exceeds guest expectations through the service of high-quality food and beverages in a clean and comfortable atmosphere. He/she has overall responsibility for all aspects of the operation; in particular as related to sales, profit, and the development of people. Additionally, the General Manager is responsible for maintaining good standing client relations and acts as the lead liaison to our clients.
I. Leadership
The General Manager is responsible for developing a cohesive team of managers, chefs and staff who are working towards the common goals of the operation. The GM possesses a high level of initiative and drive to do whatever is necessary to build and run a successful operation. The GM works with management to create a team atmosphere amongst the staff which is fun, lively and casual, yet professional. The GM sets the standards of the operation through example. The GM facilitates weekly manager meetings to ensure clear communication.
II. Building Business
The General Manager is responsible for working with the management team to increase guest counts and to develop a loyal guest base. It is necessary to keep focused on the importance of making decisions with the best interest of the guest, the employees, and our clients in mind. The focus is on long-term results. The GM needs to keep in mind that our goal is to have every guest vow to return. This is the heart of the business and is critical to our success.
Sales Building & Local Marketing
The GM will work with the Directors and their clients to help develop a marketing strategy which works for the operation. The GM needs to take the lead and initiative to develop strong local marketing programs.
III. Personnel
The General Manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the staffing of the operation, from a management level through hourly positions. In particular, the following areas of responsibility:
Recruiting & Hiring

Establishing and maintaining appropriate staffing levels and remaining abreast of any changes which may impact staffing needs
Overseeing and participating in the recruiting and hiring of high quality employees, including managers. Establishing a system to ensure the proper processing of all newly hired employees; i.e., application, employee data sheet, employee checklist, state/local tax forms, I-9 form and liquor liability for all FOH employees.


Underscoring the importance of thorough and complete training for all employees and implementing a system whereby this occurs
Use of pre meals and departmental meetings as necessary to move training to the next level
Teaching and coaching all employees and managers on a daily basis


Completing yearly performance reviews of all management staff
Ensuring that performance reviews of all hourly employees are completed yearly
Maintaining accurate employee files, including thorough, signed documentation for any and all disciplinary incidents
Thorough documentation on all incidents; including counseling sessions, accidents/injuries with regards to workman’s comp, and termination reports.

Management Development
The General Manager is responsible for continually assessing the status of the current management team, developing action plans to address the developmental issues of each team member and following through on each manager’s progress. The GM must always be looking at staff from within for promotions and working with those individuals to develop a plan of action. Coaching, mentoring and developing the management team as well as key hourly employees is critical for the success of the operation and the company.
IV. Financial & Profitability
The General Manager is responsible for having a strong financial performance for the health of the operation and the company. The GM needs to ensure the operation meets and exceeds budgeted financial goals. The GM is responsible for the following:

Developing a yearly store budget for review by the Operations team
Monitoring and maintaining all cost control centers; further development of cost savings programs and strong follow through on all systems which are in place
Analyzing monthly Profit and Loss statements, developing accurate plans from them, implementing them and following through on plans
Overseeing all aspects of purchasing within the operation

V. Quality of Operations
The General Manager is responsible for ensuring that the operation is operating at or above our standards. The operation should offer competitive service, food, beverages and environment in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The GM must have attention to detail in all areas of the operation. Maintaining high standards in all areas of security, safety, cleanliness and sanitation are essential.
Quality Assurance/Sanitation
The General Manager is responsible for ensuring the quality of all aspects of the restaurant; including the beverage, food, service and physical structure. In particular:

Regular meetings with the chef regarding proper handling procedures of all products and freshness of the product
Ensuring a safe and clean environment is the norm and all products are being handled properly
Regular discussions of guest and staff feedback regarding food and beverages with the appropriate party

Plant Equipment Management
The General Manager is responsible to work with our clients on the daily upkeep of the physical plant, in particular the following:

Daily walk through of the operation to determine areas which need attention or repair
Maintaining a running punch list of “need to have” as well as “nice to have” items which are handled in a timely fashion as appropriate
Planning necessary upgrades in a timely, well thought out way

VI. Technical Knowledge
The General Manager must possess a working knowledge of the systems used within our company. In particular the GM must be proficient in the following:

Opening and closing procedures
Producing accurate monthly inventories
Food knowledge
Beverage knowledge
POS System

VII. Problem Solving and Judgment
The General Manager is always pro-active, seeking out potential problems before they arise. Consistent decisions must be made which are in the best interest of the guest, the employees and the owners. A GM is alert to all aspects of the operation throughout the shift and knows where to be and when. A GM has the ability to make clear, concise decisions on his/her feet.
VIII. Client Relations
Maintaining good standing Client Relations is essential to our business overall success. The GM will work directly with our clients to communicate our needs as well as ensure the Client needs are being maintained and/or exceeded. Our expectation is that the GM meets regularly with their clients to keep them abreast of all aspects of the business and performs Quarterly Client Reviews, to outline our financial and operational results.

Three – five years management experience, in a high volume setting
Able to stand for a 12-14 hour shift
Able to work independently and make the right decisions for the business
Basic PC knowledge and comprehension (Word & Excel)
Basic math knowledge and comprehension (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and percentages)

About Elior North America
Elior North America enhances people’s lives through culinary innovation and a commitment to providing exemplary service. Our family of companies, with more than 17,000 employees, provides food services and catering to over 1,500 client accounts in five industry segments across the continental United States. We are proud to be the fifth largest culinary management company in the country and excited to be the fastest growing organization in the industry.
We focus on three ingredients for success to differentiate Elior from our competitors and position our company as a disruptor in the markets we serve. To support our ingredients for success and drive our mission and values, we need talented team members throughout our family of companies.
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Elior North America is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or protected veteran status.

Brand: Constellation Culinary Group
Address: ENA – Attractions – Constellation Philadelphia, PA – 19103
Property Description: Constellation – PA – Macquarie
Property Number: F6037

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