Maintenance Supervisor- The Hemingway job vacancy in Elmington (Louisville, KY 40218)

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Company name : Elmington
Location : Louisville, KY 40218
Position : Maintenance Supervisor- The Hemingway

Description :
At Elmington Property Management, we do things a little differently. We’re not your ordinary property management group and pride ourselves on doing business with smarts while being unexpected. We thrive on showing investors, customers, and residents that property development & management doesn’t have to be boring. Most property management companies refer to the team that keeps things running smoothly as “maintenance”, but we are NOT most property management companies. Elmington focuses on providing the best service to our residents and our owners!
Our motto? Forget the Ordinary.
We are seeking an awesome Maintenance Supervisor!
As a Maintenance Supervisor you will report to a Community Director who will act as your team captain. You are the service team’s leader. You’ve heard the old saying ‘the best offense is a good defense.’ At Elmington the Maintenance Supervisor is considered the defense, working with the service team to ensure the team achieves its goals. As in any athletic sport, as a key player on the team, your goal is to deliver an incredible game and win. At Elmington Property Management we strive for excellence in every endeavor, and our service to residents is a major part of that game plan.
Along with this responsibility comes a very high level of expectations. You are an integral part of a multi-million dollar company. You are a master of your trade and enjoy challenges while setting and reaching goals. At Elmington, you will be pushed to Forget The Ordinary & Think Like an Owner. Every day.
To be an effective Maintenance Supervisor at Elmington, you will need to:

Have a great attitude
Think BEYOND the box
Work with passion
Be self-motivated and self-starting
Be a good listener
Provide positive leadership to the service staff
Go above and beyond for your residents
Positively promote your community

Your Key Job Responsibilities will be to:

Supervise the workflow for the service staff and delegate workload to staff
Meet and exceed budget expectations for expenditures
Order supplies, materials and tools as needed
Diagnose problems and repair major appliances, HVAC, plumbing, electrical (when no license required), general carpentry, pool care, roof and gutter repairs.
Address issues with landscaping and snow/ice removal
Communicate effectively with residents and coworkers even in difficult situations
Provide exceptional customer service
Perform service requests correctly and in a timely manner
Operating computers and other technological devices to access email, and company utilized software
Successfully execute Elmington’s non-negotiables for service work orders and vacant turn times

Essential Functions of Your Role Include, but are not limited to:

Effective communication
Maintain the physical condition of the property
Utilize hand tools and power tools
Building maintenance and repairs
Responding to issues outside of normal work schedule when required
Accurately reporting all time worked by clocking in before beginning to work and out only when done working
Following all company policies and procedures

The Elmington Experience We’re creating a different kind of company at Elmington. We promise we will be never be ordinary, which we hope you can see by this job description. There will be many days you simply aren’t comfortable. You will be pushed to accomplish more than you ever thought possible. You will be challenged by your team leader and your peers to achieve more and to find better ways. With that said, we know Elmington is not for everyone. BUT, if you believe in yourself, enjoy a challenge and appreciate working with exceptional people, then Elmington could very well be the last company you ever work for.
Are you ready to FTO? It’s time to TLO!
The company will recruit, hire, train, promote, and compensate its employees based upon factors such as work quality, behavior, training, and experience. In compliance with local, state, and federal laws, we provide equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, protected age category, gender, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, military status, or physical or mental disability of any individual who is otherwise qualified.

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