VP of Compliance and General Counsel job vacancy in Gaming Capital Group LLC (Newcastle, OK 73065)

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Company name : Gaming Capital Group LLC
Location : Newcastle, OK 73065
Position : VP of Compliance and General Counsel

Description :
Position Summary
Responsible for legislative affairs, policy development and legal compliance for Gaming Capital Group. Participates in the development of licensing and contracts associated with current and potential customers. Interacts with all management and personnel.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
? Serve as legislative representative and Liaison for tribal regulatory agencies by keeping abreast of all current political issues and proposals, communicating our position to our legislators/customers and obtaining their support (Legislative Affairs).
? Serve as Compliance Officer with development and reporting of compliance reports, audits and issues.
? Assure policies and contracts are accurate, current and in compliance with federal, state and tribal regulations. Review and update policies as laws change.
? Interpret and disseminate information from outside counsel on regulatory matters and casino customer prize claims.
? Develop, update and audit compliance issues and licensing requirements.
? Develop/modify forms and contracts used in operations.
Other Duties & Responsibilities
?Assist departments with requests.
? Consult with Human Resources issues.
? Perform other duties as assigned.

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